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Outlook- Flagging a Message for Follow-Up

Messages may not always be responded to, forwarded, or even fully read when first received. To
ensure a message does not get lost you may flag it. There are several options to choose from,
along with a way to customize, add a reminder, check as complete, and clear flags.
As in other sections of Outlook 2010, there are several ways to do this. This lesson will cover
two methods.

1. Close any open email messages.
2. Open the email you wish to flag by double-clicking on it.
3. From the Tags group, click the down arrow on Follow-Up.
4. Click on the Flag for Tomorrow.

You can set a Reminder to be sure you follow up be a certain time.

1. From the Tags group, click the down arrow on Follow-Up.
2. Click on Add Reminder.
3. Scroll to notice the various options. Set the Reminder time.
4. Click OK.
5. Notice the Flag reminder is now in color. This reminds you follow-up is needed for this
6. Close the email by clicking the X.
7. Note you can also Flag a message right from the Inbox without opening the message or
right-clicking on it.

Clearing a Message

After following up, you can clear the flag for follow up.
1. Right-mouse click on the Office Supplies email.
2. Click on Follow Up and then click Clear Flag. Notice the Flag status in the window.

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