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Announcing Zotero 5.0!

Princeton Theological Seminary Library promotes the use of Zotero 5.0, the latest, free, open-source, citation management application. Zotero 5.0 can save references for books, articles and websites retrieved using Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome or Safari. You can insert citations directly into Microsoft Word documents from your Zotero library of references. To install Zotero 5.0, navigate to: Please contact Information Technology Services at for assistance installing Zotero. 

A good place to check for answers to your questions is the Zotero documentation site, where you have ready access to all of the latest information. Please note that Zotero is currently developing documentation for Zotero 5.0. 

The best place to ask for help is on the online forum: In this way, your question will become part of the growing body of knowledge about using Zotero, and can benefit other researchers around the world. Since Zotero users live in various time zones, it’s the quickest way to get an answer to your question at any time of day.

Since successful writers express themselves textually, posting your questions and interacting with the Zotero community online can be good practice for writing clearly. You are encouraged to register for an account so you can be begin posting your questions and participating in the Zotero community experience.

If you are not able to follow the instructions received in answer to your question on a forum, ask for more information or insight. As forums, Zotero discussions are meant to be interactive with the broadest possible audience. If you wish, you may email a link to the forum(s) where you’re participating, and we will be happy to follow them, and comment as well.

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