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Masters’-level Programs

Master of Divinity Program

The program of study set forth for the Master of Divinity (MDiv) degree is designed to prepare students for the diverse ministries of congregational leadership, graduate study in theology and related disciplines, various types of chaplaincy, mission work at home and abroad, and other forms of church vocation.

Master of Arts in Christian Education and Formation Program

The two-year program for the Master of Arts in Christian Education and Formation includes basic studies in the Bible, theology, church history, and practical theology and continues the ministry of the Tennent School of Christian Education.

Master of Divinity/Master of Arts in Christian Education and Formation Dual-degree Program

Persons who at the time of application know that they wish to emphasize teaching, ministry with young people, or spiritual formation and mission in their program may seek admission to a combined Master of Divinity/Master of Arts in Christian Education and Formation degree program and may be admitted to candidacy for both degrees simultaneously.

Post-MDiv MACEF Program

Candidates who hold the MDiv degree may be able to complete the MA in Christian and Formation requirements in one additional year of full-time study.

Master of Arts (Theological Studies) Program

A two-year program for the degree of Master of Arts (Theological Studies) enables students to possess baseline knowledge and judgment appropriate to an initial graduate level degree in theological studies.

Master of Theology Program (advanced master degree)

The program of studies for the advanced degree of Master of Theology (ThM) is designed for students who wish to improve or deepen their preparation for ministry beyond the level reached by their MDiv degree or who desire to acquire a preparation for specialized ministries of the church.

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