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To all entering students, welcome to Princeton Seminary! To returning students, welcome back!

2020 has been a tumultuous and challenging year in so many ways. The administrative offices of PTS are still doing our best to assist you in whatever ways we can.

New Office

The Office of Student Administrative Services is a new venture that combines the offices of Housing and Financial Aid (which includes Health Insurance and Student Employment) in one location. It is hoped that this will make your experience with these offices more streamlined and simpler. Please contact our office, using or with any questions or problems. 

Financial Aid Available

We understand the financial difficulties presented by the COVID-19 crisis. PTS wants to help you navigate these tough times. As such, we want to make you aware of financial opportunities for you.

COVID-19 Donors Relief Fund: 

Gracious and generous donors have made funds available for PTS students who have been impacted by COVID-19 and the financial problems it has caused. We are so grateful for their faithful kindness, and encourage all affected students to apply. Please go to and click on CARES Act and COVID-19 Donors Fund Application on the left side bar to apply for funding from this donor-provided fund. The application for this funding is due by September 25. 

CARES Act Funding:

PTS has received some money through the Federal CARES Act to assist students who have been affected by COVID-19 personally and financially. Please go to and click on CARES Act and COVID-19 Donors Fund Application on the left side bar to apply for funding from the Federal Cares Act. The application for this funding is due by September 25. 

Additionally, there are academic year institutional funding opportunities of which to be aware:

The Thomas W. Gillespie Grant Program   This need-based program helps our M.Div, MACEF, MATS, and Dual degree candidates by providing eligible candidates who currently owe over $20,000 in federal student loans with additional grant aid to assist them in meeting their educational costs. Recipients must work part-time (or document an inability to work), and attempt to raise funding from outside sources in order to be eligible. Award maxima are $2,000 for students who are single or married without dependents and $4,000 for students with dependents. The application deadline is November 1.

PTS Presbyterian Loan Program - The Seminary offers eligible PC(USA) students a low-interest loan that has the potential to be forgiven if the recipient serves as an ordained minister in the PC(USA). Only full-time M.Div. and M.Div./MACEF students who demonstrate need in excess of our maximum PTS grant may qualify for this loan program. Award maxima for this forgivable loan program are currently $4,000. The application deadline is November 1.

Federal student loans are also available for those who need them during the academic year. More information is available at

Housing Information

This year we will only offer apartment-style housing at CRW/Witherspoon and Tennent/Roberts.  We will not offer housing in Alexander, Brown or Hodge Halls in 2020-2021.   While we understand that closing the residence halls may cause some inconvenience, it is for the health and well-being of residents.  We will be prepared to continue social distancing practices next year and want to ensure that residents have personal space for restrooms and kitchens. 

For more information about Housing, please visit:


Each student is responsible for viewing his/her student account online, and keeping it up-to-date. You can pay your bill online, or your Housing deposit at

You can also sign up for our payment installment plan. The Tuition Installment Plan for fall 2020 will be managed through Cashnet. It will consist of 5 monthly payments beginning on August 15th and ending on December 1, 2020. Enrollment will begin in July once charges for the spring term have been assessed. More information is available by following the link:

Information from Summer

New Health and Safety Documents

Student Community Contract:

Housing Liability Waiver:

Student Life - Entering Student Checklist

If you have not done so already:

    1. Immunization VerificationAll Entering students must verify immunizations before they will be allowed to enroll.
      Immunization Verification Instructions   (pdf)
      Immunization Verification (Forms A and B)   (pdf)
      FAQ's   (pdf)

2. There are two surveys, one upon admission and one for the ATS both of which are mandatory.
     The Admissions PTS New Student Survey .
     The ATS Entering Student Questionnaire .

       3. Health Insurance Enrollment OR Waiver Form: All full-time students are required to have health insurance.
           You are required to buy coverage through the PTS Student Health Benefits Plan, or prove that you have
           sufficient coverage through a parent, spouse, church or employer.
           2020-2021 Student Health Benefit Enrollment Form  or 2020-2021 Student Health Benefit Waiver Form 

           2019-20 Comprehensive Fee - Plan Document_9-4-19.pdf

           Princeton Theological Seminary SBC effective 9-1-2020.pdf

           SHBP 2020-21 Plan Document_Revised 

           Uniform Glossary of Health Coverage and Medical Terms.pdf

4. Final Academic Transcript   showing that your degree was conferred.

For more information about Student Life, please visit:

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