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PTS Word Templates

In order to receive and use the new Word templates, you must re-start your computer.


PC users have had new Office Word templates for electronic stationery installed on their computers, including:

  • template with color logo (for all external communication)
  • template with black and white logo (for all internal communication)
  • template with no logo (set to margins for use with pre-printed letterhead)

VIDEO- View the video by clicking the link below:  

Accessing PTS Word Templates

Accessing the Templates:

Select "File", "New", "Custom", then click the "Word" folder

Pointing to the Template icon will show you the name of the Template.  Click the Template icon of the file you wish to create based on the Template. 

The file will open as a brand new document "Document 1", based on the Template.  You can save the file to a specific location and file name.

Pin your templates for quick access!

If you pin you templates, they will be available under the "Featured" Category which makes it quick and easy to access the next time you wish to use the template!

PTS Stationery Guidelines

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