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Accordance Bible is a program that is provided to all seminary students while attending PTS.  You will be able to access Accordance from the Mac OS X and Windows partition of the computer lab in Templeton or the Library workstations.  You will need to have a seminary account to access this information.

Keep in mind this application is running off of a server and response may be slow to respond to certain commands.

For more information on Accordance Bible Software, please visit Accordance’s website at:

For more information regarding the operation of Accordance, please contact:

Please utilize the below instruction on how to access and run Accordance on your preferred operating system.

 Opening Accordance in macOS

Once you log in to the Mac OS X partition of the Lab machines, you will find an icon on your desktop labeled, “Mac$”.  This is the shared drive that stores the Accordance application and background support information.


Connect to server

**If the shared folder does not show up after log in, you can use the connect to server command ( command + K ) and use the server address of smb://$

Double-Click the application from the folder.

Accordance will prompt you to create a location to save your information to.  

**Important note:  Due to our security and privacy setting for all computers, you will have to repeat this step each time you sign into a computer. 

Please set the save location to your H: drive by:

  1. On the left hand side of the selection window, Locate the " Shared" section 
  2. This will display a list of connected servers, please select
  3. Select Users$ and your username$
  4. Click Choose and the default save location is set.

Here is an image of the recommended location for saving Accordance data to your H: Drive in Mac OS X

*If the list of connected servers does not show up by default, you can display them using the show option.  Located to the right of the Shared section, you will find a "Show" option that will appear as you move your cursor.  Please see the image below for a quick reference.

 Opening Accordance On Windows

When you log into the Window partition of the computer lab machines a folder containing Accordance for Windows will automatically connect for your user. You will need to navigate to this folder in order to open the application.

Please use File Explorer to open a new window and select "This PC". You will find a shared folder named "Accordance". Double click the folder to open it.

*If this folder does not show up automatically, you can manually connect to it. To do so, please select the windows icon in the left hand corner and search for "run". open the run application and enter \\accordance\pc$ and click ok. The drive should connect.

From the List of applications locate the Accordance application from the list and double click it to open it. (Please keep in mind that since this program is running off of a remote computer it will take a few minutes to open).

You will then be propmted to define your save location from the Accordance files. Please save these files to your H drive.

From the list provided, please select "This PC", Select the folder with your name and select ok.

**Important note:  Due to our security and privacy setting for all computers, you will have to repeat this step each time you sign into a computer.