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Microsoft Outlook can handle several Exchange accounts in addition to your PTS account.


To add an additional email account to Outlook on Mac:

Click Tools > Accounts


The following screen pops up. Click the down arrow in the lower left corner, then click Exchange....


The following screen appears.

Fill in the following for the additional exchange account:

  1. E-mail address
  2. User name (your email address without "")
  3. Your new account password
  4. Leave Configure Automatically checked
  5. Click Add Account.


The following screen appears. You can change both "Account description" and "Full name" to whatever you want. When done, close the screen. You're in.


All your folders from the new account show in the folder tree, and your new inbox will usually be under your first PTS inbox.


Something to be aware of:

When you create a new email, be sure to send from the email account you intend.









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