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Windows 10: Adjusting Your Microphone Volume

How to Raise the Mic Volume in Windows 10

  • On your Windows 10 Taskbar, you can view an icon of the Speaker  on the System Tray. Right click on it to pick the Recording Devices menu.

recording devices menu

  • This will bring the Sounds window on your screen. In the Recording tab of Sounds window, you will notice the microphone which is active, i.e. the one with a green tick mark. Right click on the active microphone and select its Properties.

properties of the recording devices on windows 10

  • Take yourself to the Levels tab of Microphone Properties. This tab exhibits you two sections: Microphone and Microphone Boost.

Raise the Mic Volume in Windows 10

  • Use the sliders to modify your volume settings. You can take the Microphone Boost slider up to +40 dB. To save the changes, don’t forget to click Ok button. If you do the modification while the conversation goes on then you will get the immediate feedback of the output sound from the end user and so you can adjust the volume using the sliders as per requirement.