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Delegate Access allows you to share access of you email and calendar to another person. Below you will see how to set permissions levels as well as inviting a user to your account.


  1. Open Outlook 

  2. Across the top of the windows, Choose "File"

  3. In the middle portion of the page, click the drop down box labelled "Account Settings"

  4. From that drop down, choose " Delegate Access"

  5. A new window will open called Delegates. From here you'll need to select the "Add" button

  6. Type the name of the person you'd like to add access to and when complete click "Add" in lower left corner, then click "OK"

  7. Another new window will appear, called Delegate Permissions: Name of Added Person. This will allow you to set what level you like them to see for Calendar, Tasks, Inbox, Contacts and Notes.

    1. You can also choose to send an email to the added delegate about what permissions they have.

  8. When complete, click "OK"

  9. This will return you to the Delegates window, there are three check boxes at the bottom of this window. Select "My Delegates and Me" option

    1. This will allow invites for events on calendar to go to as well as you delegate. If this step is missed only your delegate will receive invites.

  10. Delegate Access has been successfully set!



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