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Delegate Access allows you to share access of you email and calendar to another person. Below you will see how to set permissions levels as well as inviting a user to your account.


  1. Open Outlook 

  2. Across the top menu bar, Choose "Outlook"

  3. From the list of options, select "Preferences"

  4. From the Outlook Preferences menu, choose "Accounts"

  5. Select your email account from the list, and click the advanced option on the lower right hand corner of the menu.

  6. From the new menu that appears, Select the "Delegates" tab.

  7. Click the plus sign below the "Delegate who can act on my behalf" box

  8. Enter and select the person's name you would like to act as your delegate and click "Add" 

  9. In the new box that appear, set the level of permissions that you would like this user to have.  To create items on your behalf the need to be assigned either Author or Editor permissions.

    1. You can also choose to send an email to the added delegate about what permissions they have.

  10. When complete, click "OK"

  11. Delegate Access has been successfully set!



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