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Computer workstations are available in several areas on campus:

  1. Stuart Hall, lab located on the lower level
  2. 501 Loestcher, lab located on the 1st floor
  3. Library, workstations available on all floors
  4. Erdman Hall, 2nd floor - For registered Erdman guests
  5. Adaptive Technology Room (Library Room 1102)*

Labs are equiped with dual-boot Macs, running both macOS and Windows 10, with available printers.  Computers are available 24/7, with the exception of computers within the Library, which are available during normal library hours.  Access to computers requires a login and password.

Please Be Advised

These public workstations are designed to not save any information on them. If you log out, restart or shutdown without saving your work, that work is not retrievable and will be permanently lost. This policy is in place to ensure individual privacy when accessing these public machine. Be sure to save all work frequently to either external USB or Filr.

Here is additional information on the Seminary's Computer Labs and equipment available:

*The Adaptive Technology Room is designed for students with certain physical impairments, i.e. visual, dexterity, etc.  Access to this room will require coordination with the Office of Student Life and Housing.