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The Webex Meetings application can be easily used for a quick unplanned meeting with just a few steps. One big difference with this method over scheduling a normal meeting is that this will have a URL that never changes. Users can use it to directly join your personal meeting room as needed.

To set up your personal meeting room quickly, follow these steps:

  1. Open up the Webex Meeting App and click start a meeting - This will open up your personal room
  2. Once open click Start Meeting - before starting you can also set your audio and video if needed.
  3. After the meeting starts click on the Ellipsis ( ... ) then click on Invite and Remind.
  4. While inside of the invite window you can make a list of users you want to invite by typing in their Seminary e-mail address separated by a comma or semicolons. This sends the invitee an e-mail with your personal room link.  

Start an Impromtu Meeting Using the Webex Integration

You can continue to add users during this Personal room meeting by revisiting the Invite and Remind feature. One other quick way if you are constantly working within Outlook, the Webex plugin will also let you directly open your personal meeting room. 

  1. Find your Webex plugin inside of outlook , click the Meetings icon
  2. Then click on  Meet now  this will open up your personal meeting room and you can then click on Start meeting.

Either way gets you instantly into a position to have a fast meeting.

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