Cooper Conference Room Video Tutorial

If you require additional help, please contact Media Services and setup a tech review.

Turning System On

Locate the Crestron control panel on the podium. If the panel is dark, touch the screen to wake panel and display the start screen. From the start screen, touch the screen to turn on the system. 

This is the Home Page:

Selecting Equipment/ Source 

Power on the equipment you will be using (PC, Bluray, etc.)  

NOTEIn the Cooper Conference Room, the PC and DVD player are located in a rack behind the podium and next to the double doors (not inside the podium).

When using “Lectern Laptop” connect to appropriate cables located on the podium (when using a Mac laptop, user must provide adapter). 
Select the desired source from “Sources” selections on left side of the touchscreen. This will automatically turn on room displays and display your selected source.

Using Bluray

If “Bluray” is selected the control panel will appear on the touch screen. 

Volume Controls 

The Volume controls appear on the right side of the Home Page:
“Program Volume” controls any audio that is not a microphone
“Speech Volume” controls the volume of all microphones

NOTE:  If you select “Mute” for speech volume, the podium microphone will be muted.

Video Conferencing

When using Skype or other video conferencing applications, select camera from the “Sources” selections to adjust camera.  Please note that the default camera selection is the rear camera.  If front of room camera is desired please make that selection in the camera menu page.

*If more equipment/room functionality is desired please touch the “Room Controls” button at the top of the touch screen for more options.

Shutting Down/ Powering Off

To shut off the system select the exit button on the top of touch screen and then select “Yes” (green button) to turn off system.

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