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Below you can follow along step-by-step with the installation process, or you can simply install yourself, accepting most of the defaults as with any usual installation.

Filr can be accessed at:

To install the Filr application:


(The following describes Filr installation on Windows 7. Other operating systems are similar.)


1) Go to Filr at  and sign in using your PTS username and password.


2) Click on your username at the top right of the screen to see the following drop down list and click on “Download Filr Desktop App”:


3) Click to download the appropriate installer.

Note: If you are using Windows, download either for 32 bit, 64 bit or for Windows XP. (If you don’t know whether you are running the 32bit or 64bit version of Windows, click on your “Start” menu, right click on “Computer”,  then click on “Properties”. You will see your version listed under “System”.


4) After downloading, open the application.

5) Windows may ask you to confirm you want to run the file. Click “Run”.


6) Filr will install the .NET Framework 4.5 if you don’t already have it installed. Click “Accept”.


7) Click “Install” to install Visual C++ Runtime (if you don’t already have it installed).


8) Windows may ask you to confirm the installation of the .NET Framework. Click “Yes”.

9) Windows may ask you to agree to Microsoft’s licensing terms for Microsoft Visual C++. Check the box and click “Install”.


10) Windows may ask you to confirm the installation of Microsoft Visual C++. Click “Yes”.

11) If you needed to install Visual C++, you will see the following screen. Click “Close”.


12) Finally, the Filr screen will appear. Click “Next”.


13) Accept the License Agreement, then click “Next”.

14) You will be asked about the destination folder. Click “Next”.

15) Click “Install”.

16) Windows may ask you to confirm the installation of Filr. Click “Yes”.

17) After installation, click “Finish”.


The Filr application will start, ready for configuration.