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Filr is a cloud-based drive similar to DropBox, Google Drive, and Microsoft OneDrive. However, PTS provides a full 40GB of storage space. It can be accessed at

Filr integrates seamlessly with the H: drive and provides more functionality. In other words, if you install Filr, you can continue to use the H: drive as you normally would.

Why use Filr at PTS:

  • All students and professors have immediate access to Filr; you don’t need to sign up for an account. Just use a browser and sign in with you PTS username and password. There are also downloadable applications that integrate Filr with your computer and phone.
  • Unlike Google Drive and Microsoft One Drive that give you 15 GB of drive space, or DropBox that only gives you 2 GB of space, Filr at PTS gives you a full 40 GB of space.
  • It’s free for life for all students. As an alumnus of PTS, you will have your Filr account, well, forever.
  • You can access Filr from any desktop or laptop, phone or tablet, Windows or Apple.
  • Filr is ran, maintained, and supported by the PTS IT Services (ITS) department.