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Change Default Save Location Office 2016 Video

How to Change the Default Save Location in Office 2016

By default, MS Office 2010 saves documents in the Documents folder.  This article demonstrates the steps to change the default save location to a different one such as the H: drive. 
Note:  Always save your document when you begin working on it.  The auto recovery feature in Microsoft Office only works properly if you give your document a file name.  Before spending too much time working on a new document, you should first save your file.  That way if there is a power outage or a problem with your computer you will not lose all of your work.
To change the default save location in Word 2016:
To change the default save location in Excel and PowerPoint 2016, follow the same steps as above except in Step 4 there is no browse option so you will need to type the location of the drive and folder in the Default File Location field.  
If you need to save specific files to a location other than the default, you still have the option to use the Save As dialog box for each document.