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Confluence support the addition and intergration of PDF documents in your pages.  To include PDF documents in your page:

  1. Locate the page you would like to add a page to, Select Edit
  2. From the editing menu, Select insert files and images.
  3. A window will appear, select the "Attached to This page" section and select the "Upload files" button.
  4. Navigate to and select the PDF you would like to upload and click Choose.
  5. The PDF will now appear in the Insert files and image windows.  
  6. Select the File and click insert.
  7. Once the PDF is inserted into your page, click on the image icon.
  8. From the provided menu, Select the show as link button.
  9. Select the Edit button from the provided menu
  10. Rename the file name using the "Link Text" section.
  11. Use the Preview option to confirm the look of the inserted PDF.
  12. Select Publish when you are happy with the results.

Important Note

It is important to note, that inserting PDFs in the fashion has had the best results as tested by the PTS IT Team.


Confluence includes a macro that will display your PDF content as a interactive slideshow. This process also assume you have successfully inserted a PDF document into you page. To utilize this macro:

  1. Select the page containing the PDF, select the Edit option
  2. From the editing menu, select the Insert more contact section, and other Macros
  3. using the Search box on the upper right corner, enter PDF
  4. Select the Pdf Macro
  5. The Macro Selection box will ask which file to utilize, use the drop down menu in File Name to select the appropriate PDF to be display and select insert.
  6. The content in your PDF will now be displayed in a small window on your page.
  7. Utilize Preview to so confirm the look and feel of the Macro
  8. Select Publish when you are satisfied with the changes.

Important Note

If a user prints this page, the PDF will not print out. Instead, a place holder icon will print out. The Primary purpose of the macro is to show the content on the page only.

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