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(for Students, Staff and Faculty)

Computer Searching

Login Not Required

There are four computers on the first floor located around the columns in the concourse, just after entering the library.

There is one computer on the second floor for Library searches.

There are wall-mounted iPads located on all floors except the first, one near the elevator and one near stairwell 1 (diagonal to the elevator on the Front-Left side of the building).

Computers for Student Use

Login Required

There are four computers available for student use on all but the first floor of the Princeton Theological Seminary Library.

These are iMacs that boot into Windows and OSX. Choose either operating system at power on.

These systems require a login using your PTS network account or a guest account available at the first floor Service Desk.


Guest Wireless

To connect to the guest network, which has limited Internet access, choose: PTS-Guest

The password is: PTSInternet1812


To connect to the secured network, which has Internet and full PTS network access, choose: PTS-Secured-Wireless

You will be prompted to log in. Use your PTS network account username and password. OSX users may be prompted for a second login; this is your local computer account login. To accept the changes to your system, enter your local computer account password.

All students, staff, and faculty should connect to the secured wireless if possible.


When using the iMacs on the lower level, second and third floors, use the printers closest to those stations on that floor. These printers produce black and white copies only.

Should a printer not be working, you can swipe your card to print on any printer.

To print in color, go to the first floor color printer located in the Copy Center by the main Service Desk.

Wireless Printing

There are three methods of wireless printing:

  1. Via the web
    Go to Web Printing for further instructions or directly to
  2. Via an app
    Go to Using the Hotspot Mobile Printing App for further instructions.
  3. Via email
    Go to Printing via E-mail for further instructions.


Scanners are located:

  1. on the Lower Level
  2. in the first floor Copy Center
  3. on the third floor in the wide aisle to the left of the elevator when walking out