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Outlook Signatures

In order to receive and use the new standard Outlook signatures, you must re-start your computer.

VIDEO- View the video by clicking the link below:

New Outlook Default Signatures

There are two (2) standard PTS Outlook e-mail signatures:  PTS Official Non-Logo Signature and PTS Official Logo Signature.

Both signatures include the following disclaimer:

Signature Deployment

The e-mail signatures will be deployed to your Outlook e-mail.  The PTS Official Non-Logo Signature will be the default signature set on your computer.  In order to make changes to your signature or to change the default:

Select New Email

Select Signatures

You can change the default signature for both New messages and Replies/forwards.  You may also edit your signature to add lines such as a Fax number, update the URL, etc.  Do not change any fonts/ font sizes or the color of the font.  Once you are done making your changes, select Ok.

Deleting Previous Signatures

To delete previously used signatures, select the signature you wish to delete, choose "Delete".  You will be prompted to confirm the deletion.  Then click "OK".

PTS Stationery Guidelines

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