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The PDF macro will allow you to display the contents of a PDF as and interactive slide show on the page.  This will appears a box on screen that users will be able to advance through the pages of the PDF without leaving the page or opening a new program.

Before moving forward with this macro, you will have to already inserted or attached the PDF document to the page.

  • Navigate to the page you would like to edit and Select Edit
  • From the editing menu, select the Insert More Content option
  • Select other Macro from the list.
  • Search for PDF and select the PDF macro
  • The Insert PDF Macro options will be display:
  1. Page Name refere to the page on which the PDF will be displayed.  The current page is default
  2. File Name will allow you select the pdf to display.  Multiple attached pdfs will be display for your selection.
  • Select Insert when you have made you selections.
  • The macro will be placed where your cursor is.  
  • Select Preview to confirm layout, positioning, and functionality.
  • Select Update when you are satisfied with the changes.

Important Note

When this macro is printed or exported, the slideshow will not show or print out the contents of the PDF. Instead, it will display a place holder for the PDF slideshow.

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