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Follow these steps to learn how to retrieve your 'Follow You', 'Web Print', & 'Email Print' print jobs from any PaperCut enabled printer!

From any PaperCut enabled printer, login with either your ID Badge (Click here to learn how to register your ID Badge) or entering your username and password

Once signed in, you'll see the following screen, alerting you that you have pending print jobs. Tap 'Print Release'

The following screen will list all of your pending jobs. You can select multiple jobs to either print or delete.

***By default, print jobs are released in color, and charge $0.75/page. Select 'Print as grayscale' for a price reduction to $0.07/page, and your job cost will update in real time***

You can also choose to print 2-sided as well.

If you want to adjust it for an individual print job, tap the arrow into the print job, then you have the options for the individual job.

Use included articles to learn about our new print service, PaperCut!

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