Follow these steps to ensure you can successfully send print jobs to a departmental printer or the "Follow_You" queue.

Print Deploy should be installed automatically via Desktop Central. It appears to auto link to the user signed into the computer, if not, a sign in window will automatically appear for you to sign in with your Active Directory username and password.

Once signed in, you'll see the following icon in your task bar.

Click on the icon and click 'View my printers'

You should see 'PaperCut_Follow_You' already installed, and it will auto install any departmental printers available to you.

You can confirm by going into Printers & Scanners of Windows settings, you should see the following

When you go to print a document, you can either select your local printer or the "Follow_You" queue, and retrieve it at any Canon copier

And it's that simple. Click here to learn how to retrieve your print jobs from any PaperCut enabled printer!

Use included articles to learn about our new print service, PaperCut!

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