You can sign into the user interface on the copiers three different ways, either with your username and password, ID number, or by tapping your badge to the card reader.

ID Badge:

Follow these steps to register your PTS ID Badge to PaperCut to allow Tap-to-Login.

Tap your ID Badge on the card reader. You'll be presented the following screen indicating your card is not registered.

Sign in with your login credentials, username is FirstName.LastName and your password, and click 'Log In'.

Upon a successful login you get an acknowledgement screen, all you have to do is click 'Ok' and it takes you back to the login screen where you can now tap your ID Badge on the reader to login.

Username & Password:

Login with your Seminary account (firstname.lastname) and your password.

ID Number:

Login with your 9-digit ID number found on your Seminary badge, including any preceding zeros; for example if your ID is 123456, login with 000123456, or if your ID is 12345, login with 000012345

Use included articles to learn about our new print service, PaperCut!

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