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Follow these steps to submit a print job via the Web Printing portal

Navigate to the PaperCut login at

Select Web Print at the bottom of the list on the left side, then select 'Submit a Job'


For Students and Visiting Scholars:

The next screen you will see is to choose if you would like to print in Color ($0.75/page) or Black & White ($0.07)

If you need to charge a Departmental Print Code, you can make that option here, then continue to 'Upload Documents'


Select the documents you wish to print, then click 'Upload & Complete.' Currently Web Print supports Excel, Word, Powerpoint, PDF & Picture file formats.

When the upload completes, it'll bring you back to the initial Web Print page, showing you a list of your documents in the queue.

Use included articles to learn about our new print service, PaperCut!

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