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Q: Where may I print in the library?

A: The library has workstations on the 2nd and 3rd floor as well as the lower level. There are printers that correspond to these workstations. If you have your own personal computer, PTS provides web printing at If working on a tablet or phone, there is an app to assist with printing as well.


Q: Do I have to sign into a workstation to print?

A: Yes, you have to sign in with a PTS provided account.


Q: How do I retrieve my password if I have an account?

A: Your password can be reset at It will send a reset email to the email address you signed up with.


Q: If I don’t have already have an account, how do I sign in?

A: Guest accounts can be purchased from the 1st floor service desk.


Q: Do I get charged per page and color?

A: Yes. Prints are charged at 7 cents per page for black and white. Double sided prints are 12 cents. 75 cents for color. Double sided color is $1.25 per page. Same charges for copying. Scanning is free.


Q: How do I access web printing?

A: After signing into the website with an account, you will be prompted for a printer selection. The two options are black and white and color. You are then allowed to select your file and amount of copies. After selecting a few page settings, your document will be sent to the printer. You may pick up the job at any printer in the library. Further instructions can be found here:


Q: Which printer do I pick up my prints from when using web printing or email printing?

A: You can pick up your prints from any printer in the library.


Q: How do I replenish my printing balance?

A: Additional funds can be credited to your account at the front desk.


Q: How do I get a refund for bad prints due to bad toner or streaky paper?

A: Refund requests can be sent to


Q: Who do I contact if my prints are not found when I go to a printer?

A: There is a service desk on the 2nd floor of the library who can assist. There is also an IT Service desk located in the north wing of the library available 8:30am to 4:30pm Monday‐Friday. Their number is 609‐497‐7812.


Q: Who do I contact if a printer doesn’t recognize my account?

A: If you feel you are missing a printing account, contact the helpdesk at