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It is possible to print by sending an email (with attachments) from any phone, tablet, or laptop from your email account to:

After sending, you will receive a confirmation email that the job has been processed. A Job Reference number will be included in the email.

You can go to any printer in the library, Stuart Lab, or the CRW Lab to print your documents. Use the pin pad beside the printer. Enter your username and password (the same as your seminary log-in and password) or swipe your ID card and choose "Follow-Me Printing."

Note: When you print your documents, you may be asked to provide a billing code. If so, enter a billing code that you have been provided. If a billing code has not been provided, you can disregard this message and just press “OK”.

You documents will be held in the print queue for 24 hours. If you do not print them, you will not be charged.