This is a quick reference guide to being able to feel more fluid and comfortable as the host of a Webex Meeting.

Overview of button placement as a Host

This will show you some initial placement of where some of the buttons you can use as a host are. Refer to the Webex Meetings articles for more in-depth overviews.

Video Layouts in the Webex Meetings application

  The follow are examples of the types of view's you can set your meeting to for your own personal needs. These can be changed at any point during your meeting.

  1. Single View 
  2. Overlay View
  3. Grid View       

Quick Reference Tasks for Webex Meetings :

 This is designed as a guide to be able to quickly make adjustments during a meeting and create a smooth experience for you and your invitees. 

If you want to...

Do this...

Invite people to a meeting in progress

Select Invite and Remind, select your invite method, then enter the requested information.

Turn off participant entry and exit tones

Select Participant > Entry and Exit Tone.

(Not available for Training Center)

Edit a welcome message during a meeting

Select Meeting > Welcome Message.

Record your meeting

Select Record.


Pause and resume the recording as necessary to avoid creating multiple recording files.

Rename a call-in user

Right-click the call-in user's name in the Participants list and select Rename.

(Not available for Training Center)

Edit the sound that plays when a participant enters or joins the meeting

Select File > Preferences, then select Sound Alerts.

Edit the sound that plays when a participant enters a chat message

Select File > Preferences, then select Sound Alerts.

Make someone else the presenter

Drag the WebEx ball from the last presenter to the next presenter.

  • If you are viewing participant thumbnails, mouse over a thumbnail and select Make Presenter.
  • If you are sharing in full screen mode, mouse over the docked tray at the top of your screen, select Assign > Make Presenter, then select a participant.

Make someone else the host

Right-click on a participant name or thumbnail then select Change Role to > Host.


If you plan to reclaim the host role later, write down the host key that appears on the Meeting Info tab in the meeting window.

Reclaim the host role

Select your name in the Participant list, then select Participant > Reclaim Host Role and enter the requested information.

Remove a participant from a meeting

Select the name of the participant whom you want to remove then select Participant > Expel.

Restrict access to a meeting

Select Meeting > Restrict Access.


This option prevents anyone from joining the meeting, including participants who have been invited to the meeting but have not yet joined it.

Restore access to a meeting

Select Meeting > Restore Access.

Leave a meeting

Select File > Leave Meeting.


If you are the meeting host, first transfer the host role to another participant before leaving the meeting.

If a Meeting Center host leaves without transferring the host role, another participant will automatically receive the host role.

End a meeting

Select File > End Meeting.


As the meeting host, you can also leave a meeting without ending it. Before you leave a meeting, first transfer the host role to another participant.

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