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Step-by-step guide for using classroom computers

  1. Login to WebEx on classroom computer using your PTS email.
  2. Click "Start Meeting."  Continue sign in process using PTS credentials
  3. Click "Start a Meeting" - ensure that you can see yourself in the video.  Make adjustments as needed.
  4. "Start Meeting"
  5. Click Record Button.  
    * Recordings stored on computer will be automatically DELETED as soon as computer is restarted.
  6. Make sure that "Record to Cloud" is selected. 
  7. To stop recording, click Record → Stop.  Verify you would like to stop recording.
  8. Restart computer after your class is complete to logout of your WebEx credentials.  

You can access your recordings using your account  

Please note: information current as of 9/7/21.  Will be updated upon completion of video camera installation in Stuart 1-6.