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Scroll  Ignore is a Confluence Macro that is designed to display text on the web version of confluence only.  Any text included in the macro will be ignored if the page is exported as a PDF or printed out.

To user the Scroll Ignore:

  • Navigate to the page you will be editing and select edit
  • Move your cursor to the top of the page
  • From the Editing Menu, select the Insert More Content option
  • Select the other Macro Option from the provided list.
  • In the search field enter, "Scroll Ignore" and Select it and Press Insert.
  • The Macro will be Added to your Page
  • In the Macro Field:
  1. Change the Font type to Heading 1
  2. Align the Text in the Center
  3. Type the Title of the page
  • Once you have made your edits, utilize Preview to verify layout, style and changes
  • Click Update once you are satisfied with the changes.

Important Note

This process should be complete for all pages of the Trustee Notebook. It will ensure that the printing of entire notebook will preserve the required formatting, spacing and heading names.

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