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Stuart Third Floor Even Numbered Classrooms

The four smaller classrooms on the third floor of Stuart are each equipped with a Mersive Solstice Unit.  These classes are used primarily for precepts and for collaboration.  The Mersive pod allows multiple members of the class to use the display at the same time.  

To operate the equipment in these classrooms:

  1. Turn on the TV using the remote
  2. Mersive Solstice pods can be connected to wirelessly (preferred) or by using the HDMI plugged into the unit and coiled under the shelf.  Additional information about connecting to and functionality of the Mersive Solstice pod is available through this link.
  3. If you have problems or questions, there is a Media Help Desk on the second floor or call x7900.

If you require additional help, please contact Media Services and setup a tech review.

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