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Test you internet connection

In the event the internet is sluggish or slow, please use the following site to test your internet speed

You will see a screen below. Click on Go and wait for result.

The result should look something like below (not necessary the same numbers.)

A good internet connection is classified for as any upload or download speed greater than 10.  Those speeds should be sufficient to download and stream content, participate in video and audio conferences, and most internet related items.

Steps to improve your connection:

If your testing numbers are less than than 10, consider the following steps:

Connect via Ethernet:  If you are using WiFi, consider using an Ethernet cable (hardwire) to your computer. Most wireless routers offer additional ports for you to connect directly to them.  An Ethernet connection is typically a faster and more stable connection.  If your computer does not support or have a direct Ethernet connection an adapter can be purchased to allow for this interface, such as a USB-to-Ethernet Adapter, USB-3-to-Ethernet Adapter, Thunderbolt-to-Ethernet adapter, USB-C-to-Ethernet adapter.

Move closer to your router: If you are using WiFi, check to make sure WiFi signal is strong (easiest to connect your phone and see what the bars look like).  The signal strength of the wireless will decrease the farther away you are from the router.  Moving closer is a great step to boost the signal strength between your computer and the wireless network.   

Close or quit used applications:  Close any applications that are not being used including additional web browser tabs.  The more open applications or tabs that you computer has the more resources are divided among them, this includes your wireless bandwidth.  Closing those applications, especially the ones that connect to the internet, will free up some of that bandwidth.

Remove additional devices from the network:  if you have other devices on connected to your wireless network, consider disconnecting them.  These other devices connect and user part of your wireless's bandwidth, removing them even temporarily can increase the performance of your network.  these may included smart phones, tablets smart watches, video streaming devices, other computers, smart home devices, etc.

Restart your wireless router:  Restarting you wireless router allows the device to reboot and reclaim any resources that may have aged or are no longer current.  The reboot will the router to get a fresh set of settings and often perform better.

Disconnection from any VPN service:  If you are using any type of VPN (virtual private network) or RDP (Remote desktop) connection, disconnect from this service.  By nature these system will slow your network connection due to the routing they are performing.  

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