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If you have been notified that you have been assigned to update and/ or approve pages for our 2017-2018 Catalogue or 2017- 2018 Handbook, please review all of the information on this page!

If you have not received Confluence Training or would like a refresher on the process, visit the IT Training Page to view dates/ times and to register for a class:

VIDEO: Please watch this video first!

Video- Updating & Approving PTS Catalogue & Handbook Pages

To log in and view your approval tasks: Click the link below and Sign In to Confluence:

Your task list will appear:

Select "Review" to access the page you are to edit and approve.

Select the "Edit" button to edit the page.  For help on editing a page in Confluence, click here: Edit a Page in Confluence

To make a "Comment" on a page:

Click on the "Comment" section, type your comment, then choose "Save".

When the page is ready for approval:

Select the "Workflow" button, then your name on the workflow list.


Select "Approve".

When all Reviewers have approved the page, the Page Status will change from "In Progress" to "Approved":


Question: I cannot get extra space to go away between my lines/ paragraphs- what should I do?

Answer:  Video: remove space between lines/ paragraphs

Question: How can I get back to my Comala Workflows Tasks list quickly so that I can edit/ approve additional pages?

Answer: Video: quickly navigate to Tasks List

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