If you have been notified that you have been assigned to update and/ or approve pages for our Seminary Catalogue or Handbook, please review all of the information on this page!

If you have not received Confluence Training or would like a refresher on the process, visit the IT Training Page to view dates/ times and to register for a class:

VIDEO: Please watch this video first!

Video- Updating & Approving PTS Catalogue & Handbook Pages

To log in and view your approval tasks: Click the link below and Sign In to Confluence:


Your task list will appear:

Select "Review" to access the page you are to edit and approve.

Select the "Edit" button to edit the page.  For help on editing a page in Confluence, click here: Edit a Page in Confluence

To make a "Comment" on a page:

Click on the "Comment" section, type your comment, then choose "Save".

When the page is ready for approval:

Select the "In Progress" button, then your name on the workflow list.


Select "Approve".

When all Reviewers have approved the page, the Page Status will change from "In Progress" to "Approved":


Question: I cannot get extra space to go away between my lines/ paragraphs- what should I do?

Answer:  Video: remove space between lines/ paragraphs

Question: How can I get back to my Comala Workflows Tasks list quickly so that I can edit/ approve additional pages?

Answer: Video: quickly navigate to Tasks List

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