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Mobile App and Standard Printing Workflows

The Ricoh HotSpot Mobile Printing app for smartphones/tablets allows users to search for and print to any HotSpot-enabled printer at an enterprise or campus installation from any device.  The app can be found and downloaded by searching for “Ricoh HotSpot” in the app store. 

To configure the Ricoh HopSpot app:

  1. First open the app.

  2. Tap “Settings” at the bottom of the screen. The services screen appears:

  3. Tap the plus (plus) sign at the top of the screen. The "Service Setup" screen" appears:

  4. On the Service Setup screen enter the information below
    • Server:
    • Path: /cps
    • SSL: No
    • Default Service: Yes

  5. Tap “Test Service”.  You should receive a “Success” prompt. Tap "OK".

  6. Go back to the “Settings” screen and select “User Accounts”. The "User Accounts" screen appears.

  7. Tap the plus (plus) sign at the top of the screen. The "Service Setup" screen" appears: 

  8. Enter your PTS Account Name (firstname.lastname) and your PTS Password.
    Set PrinterOn Hosted to "Yes".
    Go back to the main screen.

  9. Tap "Tap here to select a printer". The "Printers" screen appears. Then tap "Search".

  10. Enter “Princeton Theological”.  Both the Color and BW printers will be found.

  11. Tap the blue "i" icon for each printer and then Tap the star as in the next screenshot.

  12. This will save both printers as favorites.


You are finished configuring the printers.



Printing Documents and Attachments

To print a document from DropBox, longTap on the document to open the menu. Then tap "Open with".

This procedure can be used for almost any application that provides access to documents on your device. This could be an attachment in an email, a file store in a cloud service like DropBox, or a file being viewed in a browser.





  1. To start the print process, tap the “Open with” option within an application.

  2. Tap “HotSpot” to send the document to the HotSpot application

  3. Tap the name of the printer if you want to change it.

    Tap the “Print” button to print.



You will receive a message that your print job has been successfully transmitted to the server and is being queued. You can retrieve your documents from any printer. You can select “Print History” in the Ricoh app to see your print submittals.

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The Ricoh HotSpot User Guide can be downloaded at Ricoh HotSpot User's Guide.