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During your workflow you may have spent significant time on Word Documents and would like to incorporate them in to your Confluence Space.  Confluence has the ability to insert Word documents as links and even import Microsoft Word documents as a new page.  During the import of the document, much of the spacing and formatting will not be applied in favor of the default Confluence structure.  It may require additional editing once the file is imported.

Inserting a Word Document on a Page

To insert a word document on your page:

  •  Navigate to the page in which you would like to insert the Word Document and Select the Edit option
  •  On the Editing toolbar, select insert files or images
  •  Within the popup box, select the upload items button.
  • navigate to the Word Document that you would like to add and select Choose
  • Click Insert.
  • The document will be added to your page where you cursor is
  • Before you publish the page, select the image on the page and choose the show as link option.
  • Preview the page to ensure you have the correct look, spacing, layout, etc.
  • Click Publish when complete.

Importing Word Document

  • Within the space, select the tools Icon
  • From the provided list, select "Import Word Document"
  • Press the Choose File button and navigate to the file you would like to import and select Choose
  • Press Next
  • You will them be presented with the Import options:
  1. Set the Name of the pages with Root Page Title.
  2. Where the document is imported, either as a new page or to replace and existing page
  3. How it will handle a page with the same name, either rename, replace or remove pages with the same name
  • Press Import when you have made the appropriate selections.  
  • The Word Document Content will be added to the space based on your import settings.

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