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Please utilize this article for connecting your PTS Email to your iOS devices using the built in Mail application.

  1. Open the setting menu and go to Password & Accounts (formerly Mail, Contacts and Calendars)

  2. Select Add account from the list of option provided

  3. Select the account type "Exchange"

  4. In the Email field enter your full PTS email Address, EX. first - the description is optional - select Next when done

  5. You will be presented with a pop up to sing in to your PTS Account using Microsoft, Select Sign in

  6. Another option will ask you for who created this account.  Please select Work or school account.

  7. You will be brought to a PTS sign in window,  Please enter your PTS password in the password field and click sign in.

  8. Select the items which you would like your phone to sync from PTS and click Save.

  9. Your email account has been successfully added to your iOS device.
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