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If there is a change in marital status a current student and/or alumni may request to have their email account ( changed to reflect their updated name. Only the email address will change. The account name (firstname.lastname) will remain as it was originally created.
This "change" is simply a mask or alias we put over the original email account name. We do not create a new email account to avoid issues with permissions and/or accesses.
                                                 Original Name                                                            Marital Name
Name: Jane DoeJane                                         Jane Doe                                                               Jane Appleseed
Account Name: jane.doejane.doe
Email:                         jane.doe                                                                       jane.doe

Current students
First need to contact the Registrar's Office so the name change can be made official throughout their academic records. The Registrar's Office will then need to contact IT on the student's behalf to make an official request for their email account name to be changed. IT will make the requested changes and notify both the Registrar's Office and the requesting student.