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This document will inform you how to manage/set up your Cisco office phone.

 Phone Guides

Cisco 7800 Series.pdf

Cisco 8800 Series.pdf

Cisco 8900 Series.pdf

Cisco 8833 Series.pdf

Accessing Your Voicemail from Your Office Phone

Step 1

Dial 5000 from the extension you wish to check the messages on

Step 2

After a few seconds of silence, you will be prompted to enter your pin followed by the # key

Changing Your Password

To change your voicemail password, perform the following steps:


Your newly recorded name plays. Press # to keep it, or 1 to rerecord.


Recording Your Current Greeting

Step 1

If you are calling from your own phone, and you are asked for a PIN, enter it and press #. If you are calling from an external phone number or are calling from someone else's phone extension; If the system asks for your ID (usually your phone extension), enter it and press #. Then enter your PIN and press # again.

If the system asks for your PIN, press *. At the prompt, enter your ID (usually your phone extension) and press #. Then enter your PIN, and press # again.

Step 2

After your current or default greeting plays, press 1 to record a new greeting.

Step 23

At the tone, speak your new greeting. When finished, press #.

Step 34

Your newly recorded greeting plays. To accept this greeting and continue, press #. If you’d need to record again, press 1.






Forwarding your office phone to an external number

Step 1

Press "Fwd All"

Step 2

Dial #1 and phone number (### ### ####)

Step 3

Test. Make a test call to your office extension.

Step 4

Reach out to the Help Desk if the test fails.

Access your voicemail from another phone

  1. Dial your 10-digit office phone number eg. 609 497 7700, and press star (*) when you hear your greeting.
  2. Enter your 4-digit extension(this is your Voicemail ID) and press pound (#).
  3. Enter your Voicemail PIN and press pound (#). You can also enter the ID and PIN of another voicemail box you own if needed.