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Personal meeting room vs Scheduled meeting room

Personal meeting room is your own virtual conference space that can be used at anytime.  The meeting room is always available and the connection address never changes.  This is a great option for people your are looking to connect with right away.  You could leave you personal meeting room open all day and have people connect to at will.  All personal meeting rooms follow the same meeting url structure,  You easily share this via email with others.

Scheduled meeting room is a virtual meeting conference space that can be used for certain periods of time.  Each scheduled meeting carries its own unique meeting url or address with unique meeting ID and Pin.  This is to prevent people from joining a meeting they are not supposed to.  The links and meeting will also become invalid as soon as the meeting time passes.  

Items that these share:

  • Different audio call in methods (computer audio, Toll Free and toll call in numbers, VOIP systems)
  • Participates can join up to 5 minutes before the scheduled meeting.
  • Have the ability to be run through the web interface or local client

Accessing Webex Meetings from the website