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1.       Open Outlook. The main Outlook window will display migrating Account Setting across the bottom. 



2.       Once it imports your profile a message box will pop up and ask you to accept the Office Automatic Updates.  Click Accept.                      


3.       Go to the File menu, and if it is not already selected, select the info tab


4.        Click the Account setting box and select account settings


5.        A box will open up listing your email account.  Click Change.


6.       A change account box will open up.  Within this box, find the section that states offline status and the box for Use Cached Exchange Mode.  The box should be unchecked.  If it is checked please uncheck it and click Next.  


7.       You will then be prompted with and alert box that states you must close and restart Outlook for the changes to be applied.  Click OK and close and reopen Microsoft Outlook.




**Use Cached Exchanged Mode is a function of Outlook that stores a limited amount of information on your computer from your email account.  This has caused a few some issues with finding older emails and searching for contacts.  Because of these issues we recommend turning this feature off.