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  1. Select the space from the conversation directory
  2. Click the ellipsis button (…) on the upper right hand corner of Webex Teams to open the additional actions menu
  3. Click on the People Icon
  4. Click Add People
  5. Enter a person’s email address or name and select them.  If you are adding a person who is not a member of the seminary community, please use their email address to invite them to the space

If you are the creator of a Space, you have access to a set of options to further customize functionality of the space itself.

  1. To the left of the Space name is a small (info) button. This is the Space Information button.
  2. After clicking on that info button, you will be able to see a list of options to be able to adjust the following. Those who are not a moderator will be able to see these settings but not edit them outside of notifications and leaving the space.

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Schedule a Webex meeting

Due to its integration with Webex Meetings, you can schedule a Webex meeting with and individual or with all the members of a team directly within Webex Teams.