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  1. Press CTRL + ALT + DELETE to log on to the installed PC
  2. The default account will be PTS-EDEN\emedia
  3. The password is: password
  4. The installed PC has USB ports, so if bringing files to use you can access them on your USB flash drive.
  5. Once you insert the USB flash drive, select the "Windows Explorer" button on the Task Bar:Image Added

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  1. Click on the "Removable Disk" under "Computer" to access the files on your USB flash drive.

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Logging on to the Installed PC- Your Own PTS User Account

  1. If you prefer to log in with your own PTS User name and passcode, you can! This will allow you to access your H: drive files if you are intending to present a file saved on your PTS H: drive.
  2. After pressing CTRL + ALT + DELETE, select "Switch User" button
  3. Select "Other User" button
  4. Type in your PTS User Name and Password, then click the Log In arrow
  5. To access your H:Drive files, select the "Windows Explorer" button on the Task Bar:

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  1. Click on your "H: Drive" to access the files on your H: network drive.

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Using Your Own Laptop, Playing a DVD or Using the Document Camera


When you are done presenting, shut down computer as normal and turn off all power to utilized media equipment:

Image RemovedClose side door to power off Tech Pod.