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Accordance will prompt you to create a location to save your information to.   Please save it to your H: drive. 


**Important note:  Due to our security and privacy setting for all computers, you will have to repeat this step each time you sign into a computer. 

Please set the save location to your H: drive by:

  1. On the left hand side of the selection window, Locate the " Shared" section 
  2. This will display a list of connected servers, please select* 
  3. Select Users$ and your username$
  4. Click Choose and the default save location is set.

Here is an image of the recommended location for saving Accordance data to your H: Drive in Mac OS X

*If the list of connected servers does not show up by default, you can display them using the show option.  Located to the right of the Shared section, you will find a "Show" option that will appear as you move your cursor.  Please see the image below for a quick reference.

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