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Create and Edit Pages

Create a page

You can create a page from anywhere in Confluence; just choose Create in the header and you're ready to go. Pages are the place to capture all your important (and unimportant) information; start with a blank page and use it like a word processor to add rich text, tasksimagesmacros and links, or use one of the useful blueprints to capture meeting notesdecisions, and more.


Another useful way to create a page is to use the Create from Template Macro. This macro allows you to choose a page template, and adds a button to the page allowing one-click page creation. If you want others to create pages using this template, this is a great option.

Edit together

Need input from your team members? Multiple people can edit your page at the same time.


See Collaborative editing for all the ins and outs. 

Collaborate or restrict

Once you've created a page, you can decide if you want to keep it private, using restrictions, or collaborate on it with others using @mentionssharing, and comments.

Organize and move

You can also organize pages in a hierarchy, with child and/or parent pages for closely related content. When you navigate to a Confluence page and choose the Create button in the header, the page you're creating will by default be a child of the page you're viewing. Have as many child pages and levels in the hierarchy as you need to, and move pages if you want to change their location.