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PTS Alumni Information

Alum Account Conversion

  1. PTS Alums need to convert standard account to an alumni account to receive benefits of Alumni accounts

  2. Search User Check Up for Alum’s account

    1. Firstname.lastname

  3. Confirm under Mail section that user’s email account ends in

    1. If user’s account ends in they have already completed conversion

  4. Under Actions pane - select E-mail Alum Conversion

    1. Alum should receive this email in a few moments

    2. Instruct Alum to follow directions within the contents of the conversion email

Alum Access

  1. Filr Access

  2. Library Digital Resources

  3. Alumni Email

Alum Email Forwarding


Alum Email Forwarding
  1. Navigate web browser to
  2. Sign in to account with username (firstname.lastname) and password
  3. Navigate to the Options dropdown (upper right corner of page, shown below)
  4. Select "See All Options..."
  5. This will load your account info and a menu on the left side of the page (shown below)
  6. Select "Organize E-Mail"
  7. Under Inbox Rules - find and select "New"
  8. A new window will open that'll allow you to make rules for your email
  9. From the first drop down menu - select "Apply to All Messages"
  10. From the second drop down menu - select "Redirect the Message to..."
  11. A new window will have opened - find "To" in the lower section of that window
  12. Type the email address you'd like you PTS Email forwarded to and select "OK"
  13. Select "Save"
  14. You've successfully set up an email forward

Alum Database

  1. – is open to people in ACL-AlumAccountHolders, ACL-FriendsofTheLibrary, ACL-Trustee, ACL-AllStudents, ACL-Staff, ACL-AllAdministration, ACL-AllFaculty, ACL-RecentGraduates, and ACL-BarthTranslators


 If there is assistance needed with the Library databases, please refer to this website:


If there is assistance needed with Alumni creation or verification please contact the Development Office (