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Snow Removal/Parking Deck

To the Seminary Community:

When a snow event is predicted, in an effort to facilitate snow removal around the campus in a timely and efficient manner, please observe the following in regards to snow-related parking and safety. 

Cars are to be removed from the upper (open) levels of the parking deck whenever snow is predicted or has begun to fall. Please relocate your vehicle to the lowest level of the parking deck. Cars left in any parking space in the open level of the parking deck will be ticketed.

 If your vehicle is parked in the parking structure and you will be away from campus for more than five days, please leave an extra copy of your key with Facilities in order that the vehicle may be moved during an emergency or when general maintenance of the structure is being performed. Contact Facilities at 497-7778 for assistance with this. Your key will be kept in a secure location. 

Students who normally park in the staff lot after normal business hours are requested to park their vehicles in the lowest level of the parking deck or in the library lot.

No parking.

No parking in the courtyard area.

For the safety of your vehicle and ease of plowing, do not park on the road side of Tennent Hall.

Please do not park on the roadways in front of your building on Loetscher Place, Emmons Drive and Farber Road. Please park in the appropriate area for your building. Parents: please remove children’s toys from sidewalks and place in a safe area. High winds are also forecasted so please store away any small loose items that can become a hazard. Please be sure to keep all breezeways free and clear of personal items as snow drifts are expected. Witherspoon residents may only park in the area in front of their building.

To All:

If you must journey out while crews are plowing, please be aware that they are concentrating on the area in front of their vehicle and may not be able to see or hear within their working area. Please be safe and stay away from snow removal equipment at all times.

Thank you for your cooperation. If you have any concerns, please call the Facilities Office (609-497-7778) or email us at

German Martinez

Director of Facilities & Construction

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