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All computer lab workstations and Library machines are an 21" Apple iMac loaded with either macOS High Sierra (10.13.6) and Windows 10.  Each Computer is marked with the loaded operating system on the front of the computer.  Please locate your preferred operating system within the room before using.

Workstation Locations:

The lab in Templeton Hall (LL-4) has 12 individual workstations and two high capacity printers.  There are 6 Windows based computers and 6 macOS based computers.  A high speed document scanner connected to Terminal 1.

The Library has a total 15 Windows based workstations located on the Lower level, 2nd floor, 3rd floor and the PHD suite.  Each floor offers a high capacity printer.  There are also two large, high volume copiers on the first floor situated next to the circulation desk.

The Digital Learning Lab (Library, 3130) has 6 macOS based workstations.

The workroom in 501 Loestcher has two high capacity printers.

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