Important: Files or folders in the Filr root directory (if you have installed the application) will not be synchronized. You must put files into the “My Files” folder within the Filr directory. For example (on Windows):


Note: The following screen shows up just after installing the Filr application. However, Filr can also be configured by clicking the Filr taskbar icon, then clicking "Open Filr console".


1) Click “Start”.


2) Enter the following information:

Click “Next”.


3) The following screen shows:

Adding shared folders mean that they will be copied to your computer. These shared folders can be added or removed at any time.

Removing a shared folder deletes the files from your computer, but not from the original share location.

Files that have been shared with you do not count towards your Filr space.

(When you are approaching 90% capacity, you will receive an email.)

Click “Next”.


4) The following screen allows you to change the Filr location on your computer. The default is probably OK. Click “Next”.


5) You’re done. Click “Finish”.



From now on, the application will be available from the notification area of the taskbar.


Right click on the icon to open the open the Filr console. The following screen will appear. Here you can change any of your settings including your synchronized folders.