Accessing Webmail for PTS Email Account


  1. Open your preferred internet web browser
  2. Type into the address bar:
  3. From here you’ll see 
  4. Security Options
  5. Choose either Public or Private Computer option

                            ii. Type Username as firstname.lastname (example johnny.appleseed)


                            iii. Type password


                            iv. Click Sign In or Press Enter on keyboard


                        v. Click




If you are a current Outlook 365 User, Skip to step viii and choose your email account


                        vi. Type in your user name. Example (


vii.  Click next


viii. Type in your user name. Example (


                ix. Type in your password

x. Click sign in


xi. Click yes if it’s a private machine, If it’s a public machine, click no


If are on a public computer, be sure to sign out when you are finished!